Rapid global changes in socio-economic and material consumptions indirectly cause destruction to the environment. Side effects of fossil fuel consumption are pollution, acid rain and global warming. Global warming is caused by imbalance and excessive use of earth's natural resources. UiTM researchers focus on the development of green and energy efficient technologies that will sustain the earth resources. To ameliorate the above issues, UiTM researchers will continue to find better solutions to earth's environmental degradation through a synthesis of methods towards comprehensive sustainable development. This can be addressed through consolidation of various aspects including water resources, building materials, renewable energies, energy efficient technologies and the creation of greener and healthier natural and built environments through greener technologies and conservation and reuse of earth resources. Other research and sustainable activities that could sustain the earth for our future generations are areas towards sustainable wellbeing in our habitat, cities and forests, sustainable built environment practices and management as well as sustainable operation process and management.


 Global Warming, Climate Change, Coastal & Offshore Engineering, Water Resources, Disaster Mitigation and Prevention, Photovoltaic Applications, Fuels Cell Technology, Waste Management & Utilisations, Micro Energy Technology, Batteries & Supercapacitors, Power Electronics, Hybrid Energy Conversion, Smart Energy Converter, Electronic Transformer, Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Construction, Green Cities, Green Policies and Governance, Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Township, Urban Wellbeing, Life Cycle Assessment, Zero Carbon Footprint, Environmental Pollution, Sustaining Biodiversity, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Operations Management and Advanced Green Technology.